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More than 1 in 150 children have autism symptoms.

Autistic children will not get better without treatment.

Effective treatments are available.

Your child can get better!

Conquer Autism is a comprehensive hands-on guide to help children with autism get better. It is written for parents and caretakers and covers all aspects of diagnosis, treatment and communication with autistic children at home and at school.

Conquer Autism is available for immediate download as a PDF file for $19.99 or in other formats. We are so sure you will benefit from this book that we offer a full lifetime guarantee.


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Join the more than 25,000 families (including ours) who have used these effective autism treatments.

Conquer Autism helps you through every aspect of autism, from recognizing early symptoms to recognizing recovery. It offers practical and hands-on information to help you determine the root cause of your child's problems.

Conquer Autism explains some of the possible causes and types of autism, the most common symptoms and the assessments your child needs.

Conquer Autism explains all the treatment options and how well each therapy has worked for thousands of autistic children and their families. These interventions have been used successfully by thousands of families. Many of these treatments are available without prescription.

Conquer Autism gives you and your child the tools you will need to cope with the challenges ahead and explains the clinical services your child needs to truly recover.

Conquer Autism provides valuable suggestions on how to live with autism at home and how to navigate the public school system with an effective individualize education plan (IEP). You need to understand your legal rights so you can fight for the services your child needs and deserves.

Conquer Autism is updated when new treatment options become available or when exciting new research is published. Updated versions are provided for free.

If your child has autism (or if you suspect they might) please download our free eBook Recognizing Autism.

Most recent testimonial

Hi Michael, Hope you are doing well. My name is H and I bought a copy of your ebook "Conquer Autism" last year when we were really concerned about our daughter (2 years old then) not having any speech or language. Your book was very, very helpful to us at a time when we really were in despair about how we could help our daughter. As expected, the mainstream doctors told us this was a "genetic" issue and nothing could be done to cure it. We did not want to give up and fortunately found your book online that cleared up a lot of things for us. It was fascinating to real all the biomedical approaches you tried with your son and the benefits you saw with them. After reading through your book, we consulted a DAN doctor (James Neubrander), changed her diet, gave her nutritional supplements and also daily MB-12 shots to help with the body's natural detox process. After about an year of these, my daughter is doing remarkably well - she is speaking sentences, is more aware, more affectionate, more intelligent, plays with her friends and asks for them. It is remarkable to see all these changes in her and I cannot thank you enough for taking the effort to write this book about your experience with your son. You have made a huge difference in our lives and no words can express how grateful we are. I hope you continue to educate a lot more parents who want to help their kids and I wish you every success with this effort. Take care and thanks again for everything.

News Headlines

Summaries of recent news articles of interest.

  • March 2010

  • Two genes have been associated with autistic spectrum disorders. Variations in the genes for two brain proteins, LRRN3 and LRRTM3, were significantly associated with susceptibility to ASD. These proteins have been implicated in brain development. Read More.
  • March 2010

  • Federal Vaccine Court Rules Against Autism Families. Read More
  • October 2009
  • The mercury containing preservative used in human vaccines has been linked to brain injury in a groundbreaking primate study. Read More
  • Timeless
  • Justification for a Federal Injunction to suspend all vaccine licenses based on unreasonable health risks and causal links to chronic disease pandemics. A well written and thoroughly sourced review of the battle between pharmaceutical company profit and our children's health. Download and decide for yourself if mercury-containing vaccines are safe.